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Remote & Autonomous Systems

Unmanned Tele-remote & Autonomous Platforms 

The AHV-001 platform developed by Lycaon Group Pty Ltd offers a highly adaptable and capable general-purpose electric vehicle platform for multi-role off-highway applications.

The platform features; off-the-shelf teleremote control functionality and an agnostic control interface for integration with high-level autonomy providers.


The platform utilises modular design to achieve a range of performance characteristics at optimal price points. Modular energy storage for range extension, or auxiliary power functions and a universal "module bus" provides a flexible method to maximise ROI using a single sled for a range of functions as required by the end user.

Future-proof electrical architectures allows for the integration of hydrogen fuel cell technology and vehicle to grid generation capability.

Mechanical elements have been designed for quick replacement and a COTS design methodology provides the ability for end users to source replacements and maintain subsystems if desired.


Industrial Sensors 

Industrial Sensing Solutions

Lycaon Solutions will be launching a range of standard and specialised industrial sensors in Q4 of 2023.

Sensor design has been optimised or remote stand-alone applications, cover a range of process variables and support multi-protocol & media interfaces.

Please contact us for further information prior to our official release.


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