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Geo Risk Systems - Software Development

Real-time risk analytics software prototype

In 2018 Lycaon Group aided in the development of a prototype application for Geo Risk Systems. Geo Risk Systems had developed a patented software framework through which real-time risk assessments could be conducted - aiding the monitoring and management of risk on a large scale.

Lycaon Group was engaged to develop the IP into a proof of concept application with a functional front & backend capable of relaying high frequency location data of the host device and in-range peripherals. The IOS app was develop in Swift, with the backend developed within an AWS environment. Further web applications were developed as a proof of concept for alternative user interfaces.

The real-time risk analytics software was a national finalist in the Pitch@Palace competition.

Services Provided

  • IOS Frontend & Backend Application development in Swift

  • AWS backend development

  • Algorithm Development

  • IoT infrastructure architecture


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