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Western Power SPS Round 2

Continuation of the largest deployment of Stand-alone Power Systems in Australia.

Building on experience developed during the SPS Round 1 Project, Lycaon Group Pty Ltd has been engaged by Hybrid Systems to support the delivery of additional Stand Alone Power Systems as part of Western Power's SPS Round 2 Project.

As a continuation of works undertaken during the first round, Lycaon Group Pty Ltd will be supporting the design, development and commission of the SPS units; integrating a range of operational & control systems technology infrastructure involved in remote monitoring and operation of the power systems.

Services & Technology Packages Provided

  • Device Selection

  • Cellular & Satellite Communications Networking

  • Integration and Configuration of:

    • OPC & IoT Servers

    • Alarms Management & SMS Notification Systems

    • Engineering Workstation Configurations

    • Control & Edge Device Configuration

  • Commissioning & Factory Acceptance Testing

  • O&M Support

Next Generation Technology Providing Cost Savings

An economical alternative to replacing poles and wires in many low population density rural areas


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