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Real-time Risk Management

The solution to site wide risk management


Patent Pending.

Site Wide Risk Visibility

Increase visibility of risk on site with highly informative graphical displays, updated in real-time.

  • Reduce incident caused down-time

  • Track the location of assets, personnel, materials and activities

  • Deliver alerts to individuals and groups in specified areas

Hazard Management

Streamline reporting processes and reduce incident response times.

  • Real-time hazard reporting 

  • Increase awareness of dangers on site

  • Reduced administrative load


The data generated by Geo Risk Systems software can be used for a range of analysis applications:

  • Root cause analysis of incidents

  • Reduced liability premiums

  • Infrastructure expenditure optimisation

  • Aid in the development of new risk mitigation strategies

Much more...

Get in touch to find out more about custom features, additional functionality, and our implementation process.

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